PODOSENSÉ : Quality products for the feet, hands and body made right here in Quebec

Written by Mélanie Doiron



It is with great pleasure that we met with Mrs. Guyane-Élise Lacoste, an inspiring woman with a passion for skin care and well-being.


After practicing for years as a podologist, Mrs. Lacoste has created PodoSensé, a locally crafted array of products. This conscientiously formulated treatment line offers butters, creams, sea minerals, lotions and precious oils with performing and versatile actions.


Mrs. Lacoste’s enthusiasm inspired us to give her products a try, and it is without hesitation that we tested them for you. We now wish to share them with everyone.


PodoSensé offers products for the feet, the hands and the body that are made right here in Quebec. They are entirely conceived, developed and made here, in Quebec, from pure and natural ingredients such as Dead sea mineral salts, essential oils and apple cider vinegar. They are suited for people with diabetes, heart conditions, undergoing chemotherapy or with other health problems.


We were immediately seduced by the all natural and captivating aromas. There are no artificial perfumes in the formulations. All the wonderful smells come from 100% pure essential oils.



We also appreciated the practical and versatile side of PodoSensé. All of the products can be used on the whole body, making them the perfect addition for a pedicure, a manicure as well as a podology or whole body treatment.


We have tried the following items for you:


Hydrating whipped butter

We really loved this product because the comfort felt after the application lasted for hours. It is a great emollient for the skin, leaving it soft and silky. It is great on excessively dehydrated feet, or on conditions like xerosis or cracked heels.

The main active ingredients: Cocoa butter, vitamin E

Light cream with lavender & cypress for heavy legs and tired feet

The lavender and cypress light cream offers a noticeable relief for people who suffer from œdema on their feet, ankles or legs. Lavender's soothing, calming and stress relieving properties favor well-being and comfort. Thanks to it’s decontracting effects, the leg muscles are more relaxed and the feet unswollen and feeling lighter.

The main active ingredients: Shea butter, lavender essential oil, cypress essential oil


Sea crystals with lavender & sweet mint

The lavender and sweet mint sea crystals are soaking salts suited for everyone wishing to get a luxurious resting foot bath. The calming lavender is ideal for relaxation and sweet mint brings a refreshing touch while being gently stimulating and eliminating fatigue and stress! Our feet felt totally relaxed!

The main active ingredients: Dead sea crystals, lavender essential oil, sweet mint essential oil


Exfoliating gel with lavender and cypress

The micro beads exfoliate the skin perfectly and efficiently, making you feel good and invigorated. We couldn’t help but treat our whole entire body with it! A little bonus: the gel keeps the beads on the skin, so they don’t end up everywhere!

The main active ingredients: Crushed apricot kernels, pulverised pumice stone, lavender essential oil, cypress essential oil


Deodorizing spray for footwear
The ideal treatment for deodorized and sanitized shoes!

The main active ingredients: Peppermint (bactericidal), Sage (anhidrotic) and Tea Tree oil (antifungal).


Les Méticuleuses : the cuticle solution
An oil that regenerates, softens and treats your cuticles! Contains a balanced blend of performing essential oils for healthy cuticles. I must admit that I applied too much oil on my cuticles on purpose, just to be able to massage it on my hands...The smell of the bitter almond and cherry blend is just divine!!!

The main active ingredients: Safflower oil, sunflower seed oil, argan oil, bitter almond essential oil, black cherry essential oil


PodoSensé is a complete line offering a vast selection of other products. They have a solution for any feet condition, including dryness, perspiration, cracked skin, heavy legs, swollen feet, cold feet or mycosis.



We think that they have absolutely nothing to envy the imported product companies and we strongly encourage you to give them a try! Not only will you be offering high quality services to your guests but you will also be able to tell them that you are using the best of our local products. In addition, you will contribute in reducing excessive packaging since PodoSensé keeps it to the minimum.

Use products made right here in Quebec! Proudly use PodoSensé!