Original text by Sophia Bordja from Le blog de la Coiffure

Translated from French by Mélanie Doiron

We hear more and more about big hairdressing catastrophes. The fear of going to the hairdresser increases and we really feel it. I have always taken a lot of time to talk to my clients between the diagnosis, the time to build their trust and the long hours working on a their hair and I can honestly say that 98% of the people I have worked with had a painful episode to tell about a hairdressing appointment.

At first, being a young hairdresser, I was surprised by what I was told... Today I am surprised if I meet someone who has never experienced at least one negative episode at the hairdresser ... Moreover, before being a hairdresser, I myself had a few bad experiences.

So, I thought it would be interesting to make an article about 4 obvious things that can be observed very quickly; 4 things that will allow you to have an opinion in 5/10 minutes on the hair salon where you want to get your hair done.


Obviously there is still the risk that come out disappointed .. BUT if you get your hair done where these 4 points are applied, it will limit the risks! Yes, because these are simple professional details, but details that a professional salon (or hairdresser) must absolutely apply if they are serious!



So let's see how you can select your hairdresser with these little obvious details BEFORE you get your hair done.

The first two details to be observed at first glance:

1-The smile and the reception:


This is the first thing and the most important!


You are probably telling yourself that this is obvious! Yes, you are right, it should be naturally applied, but unfortunately it is not always the case .. I was even told some receptionist made some shocking comments to a client at the sight of her hair. Categorically refuse to have someone take care of your locks if that person has barely looked at you or has not welcomed you properly! A hairdresser must be good to his clients. Yes, he must want to beautify them and respond to their request as best as possible! How can a person who does not smile at you want to give you his or her best? It's incompatible!


So if you come across an unpleasant hairdresser or barber, please leave! On average, you will stay between 45 minutes and 5 hours in a hair salon according to your hair and the services requested. Choose to be with professional, smiling and welcoming people. Moreover, if something should go wrong, a nice person will often handle the problem in a much better way than a person who isn’t from the beginning. So do not be afraid to say that you do not want to be styled by such a person or to leave the salon where you are. If, from the beginning, you do not feel at ease or welcomed, do not undergo your appointment and find a more professional salon.



2-The cleanliness:


A clean hair salon is a rigorous salon, organized and concerned about the well-being of its customers. If there is hair everywhere on the floor when no hairdresser is cutting hair, or hair in quantity on the vanities and furniture, this not pro! Obviously, it is normal to see hair everywhere in a hair salon, but to a certain extent.


When we book an appointment somewhere to feel better about ourselves, we want it to be in a harmonious and clean place to have a good time. Again, choose to have your hair done in a nice place. This detail is not negligible because it shows you the general behavior in the hair salon.


The last two points: key to success!

3-Listening, diagnosis:


Whether you come for a cut, a color, a brushing .. or for any technique, the hairdresser must ask you questions! He must ask about your request and understand it, he must advise you and be able to rephrase what you want in order to show you that he understood you! This is the key moment for the success of your appointment. If this moment is neglected, botched or non-existent, you have a high chance of coming out of your appointment disappointed. This is imperative in the hairdressing profession and yet it is often the cause of capillary disasters.

How can a hairdresser satisfy your request if he does not listen to you? How can he have good results if he does not correctly make the diagnosis by asking you about your hair history, your desires and what you really do not want? Even a simple cut can turn into a disaster if your hairdresser misunderstood you. So this is a big detail not to neglect so insist on being heard before you let anyone touch your hair!


And just like with the detail number 1:  run away if you do not feel listened to and advised seriously.


4-Quotes and clear prices:


We may have received a great hairstyle, but if the bill is a salty surprise we will be disappointed and dissatisfied. In the profession, the prices must be clearly displayed and stated! Unfortunately, in the field of hairdressing this is not always the case. There are basically prices written on the showcase that we never manage to get in reality ... This is something very recurrent and that stands out a lot in the discontent of the customers. A hairdresser must clearly state the price of the services and the total. If he does not, ask for it without complex. If you do not understand the total, ask your hairdresser to explain it to you. Often the misunderstanding comes from the delineation of the length of your hair. If you did your calculation based on the price rates, but in the end you are told that your square cut is priced as a long hair cut this can really create frustration.


To conclude:


Put all the chances on your side to come out of your hair salon content and satisfied. Looking for these 4 points can save you from disappointments. Whether you go in a low cost salon or a high-end spa, these points must be applied compulsorily. They are an integral part of the hairdressing profession, regardless of the hairdressing salon. A hairdresser at home must also have these same qualities. So you have the right to be demanding on the quality of your appointment. Remember, when you make an appointment at the hairdresser, you do not have to have your hair done. You may decide to leave if there is anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or find that something is wrong. Most people who have had a bad experience admit that they felt that things were wrong before they even had their hair done. The goal is not to have your hair done at all costs, but to come out beautiful and satisfied


Sophia Bordja is a passionate hairdresser who has become a blogger to share her passion. If you speak or understand French, follow her on her blog at https://le-blog-de-la-coiffure.com. If not, continue to follow us and we will keep on translating her excellent content for you!


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