Discover MEE!

Discover MEE: the perfect new complement to PROSPA for businesses and self-employed professionals in the personal care industry.

While PROSPA connects businesses and professionals together, MEE is a new app that connects consumers with businesses or professionals offering beauty and wellness services at home, at work or nearby.

MEE was designed in Quebec by parents who lacked time!

Two Montrealers recently launched MEE, a new mobile application that allows users to book and receive beauty and wellness services at home, at work or nearby.

This free application, created by designers Caroline Duclos and Louis Chapdelaine, offers a quick and easy one-stop shop experience including a series of services tailored to people overburdened by work or family life.

Wellness at home at your fingertips
Depending on the location and schedule, the user of the MEE app selects a service from the following: hairstyling, barbering, makeup application, manicure, styling, yoga and massage therapy. Bundled services for special occasions, such as a weddings, girl parties or proms are also offered. To facilitate decision-making, the ratings and prices for each services are always visible. The user only has to make an appointment, taking advantage of an integrated payment system that is activated once the service is rendered.


Transform the last century’s way of doing things

"The rendez-vous system and the need to get out of home to receive services are based on a model from the last century," says the president of the young start-up in Montreal. Hence his desire to create a user-friendly, flexible and mobile booking interface.

"Taking care of yourself is not a guilty pleasure! "
While Caroline Duclos encourages women and men to get out of certain standards, she adds that "taking care of oneself is not superficial, let alone a guilty pleasure. Waiting in line, on telephones or being stuck in traffic are often irritants, which make the experience painful. We come out of the appointment as stressed as on arrival! This is where our application comes in, creating a community that facilitates meetings between enthusiastic customers and professionals, "she adds.

MEE makes life easier for users and professionals
The creation of a company profile is realized in a few minutes, displays the offered services and helps to manage the calendar of a person or several employees. "The overall experience, the ease of booking and the unification of services under one banner really makes life easier for everyone," explains Louis Chapdelaine. "The favorable comments received from beneficiaries, professionals and owners of salons and spas about the beta version, launched at the beginning of the year, exceeded our expectations. ".

With MEE, whether or not they are affiliated with a business, freelancers find the opportunity to post new availabilities on their schedule in just a few clicks and gain access to a whole new network of customers. And since these are registered and identified with their credit cards, home visits are secure. Local businesses benefit from the same showcase to promote their services and increase the number of booking opportunities.

Other benefits for professionals and customers
In addition to allowing freelancers and salon & spa owners to fill their vacant time slots, the app meets another essential need for customers: the ability to book at any time with just a few clicks. Reminder notifications are then sent, consolidating and automating confirmations.

The story of MEE: parents lacking time
Launched in April 2018, the MEE application is designed by Caroline Duclos and Louis Chapdelaine, two experts in graphic design. Parents of a young child, they have often experienced periods of stress where the lack of time hindered the making of appointments for beauty care, wellness or relaxation, when, paradoxically, they needed it the most.

The MEE platform offers accessibility and freedom to enjoy beauty and wellness treatments, wherever and whenever the user wishes. The application is the result of 20 months of research, partnerships and optimization tests. After the province of Quebec, the two entrepreneurs want to promote the mobile application to the rest of Canada.

MEE is available for free, for iPhone and Android.

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