Autumn's Sp@tlight: Karine Bonicalzi Medical Aesthetic Centre


For this autumn’s Sp@tlight, Élodie Vaillancourt was kind enough to answer our questions about the featured business, of which she is the general manager: Karine Bonicalzi Medical Aesthetic Center


Mrs. Vaillancourt, why choose Karine Bonicalzi Medical Aesthetic Center?


For the superior quality of services offered, for the pleasant atmosphere, for the professionalism of the team that will receive you, for the medical-aesthetic equipment at the cutting edge of technology. Finally, you choose our Centre if you wish to age naturally without injections or surgery.


What do you think sets you apart from others?


We are specialized in non invasive medical aesthetic treatments. We want to work on the skin's signs of aging without using drastic means such as cosmetic surgery or injections. Completely pain free, we are working to stimulate new collagen production using different technologies according to the targeted objectives of our customers. What sets us apart, I believe, is the comprehensive care we offer. It all starts with a consultation in order to get to know each other. We then establish the main concerns and direct the guest towards the right technologies. We do regular follow-ups during the course of the treatments with our clients; we take pictures before and after to see the progression of the skin. Each client is treated with great care and professionalism.



What are your signature treatments?


The laser hair removal with a new 2018 device that is completely painless intrigues our clientele a lot and the demand is constantly increasing for this treatment. The pain during a laser hair removal treatment is ancient history at our Center. This new technology needs to be known by all.


Otherwise, I would say that facials are really our strength: the oxygen treatment (the most popular treatment among celebrities) is also in high demand. We work a lot with Danièle Henkel's machines which are also very popular and very effective for wrinkles and lack of firmness. Amazing, the results!


Come for a consultation just to see the before / after pictures taken of our customers. (Which of course allowed us to show their pictures)

Completely painless as well, Ms. Danièle Henkel's protocols are fantastic and the results incredible.


What should we try if we go to your Centre?


Without a doubt, you must try the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial.

It is an extraordinary treatment: 99.9% pure hyperbaric oxygen is sprayed on your skin with a hyaluronic acid serum that instantly replenishes wrinkles and fine lines. We put an oxygen cannula with the mask that provides an incredible boost of energy after the treatment. It is not only one of the most in-demand treatments but also one of our most enjoyable to receive. You must experiment it!


What are your current promotions?


In the last year, we have created our own line of cosmetics. They are natural products, eco responsible, from organic farming, containing no pesticides or herbicides and are not tested on animals. This Quebec line that we named SILK is the only high end line in the province to be sold at such a low price. It was our mission and we took up the challenge: create a high end line that is affordable for all budgets but also manufactured here in Quebec with a team of incredible dermatologists, chemists and researchers. It was a great challenge and we are extremely proud of the results and of the great feedback received from our customers.

We have a promotion for the whole month of December on two new SILK products: CALM cream and ELIXIR dry oil serum. It's a good time to try them!




Do you have a loyalty and / or reward program for your regular clients?


Yes of course! We have a loyalty card for product purchases that gives you 20$ for every

250$ worth of products. We also like to spoil our good customers by offering them small personalized gifts during the year or a bonus during a treatment. These are small gestures that make people happy.


Anything new to share?


This fall, our Centre became specialized in oncology aesthetic. The new services offered are designed for people with cancer. Our slogan sums up the essence of our oncology aesthetic services: "Softening hardships". Chemotherapy, radiotherapy or even immunotherapy treatments do terrible damage to the skin of those who are suffering. Often affected by several other side effects, these people who live this terrible ordeal need to be listened to, pampered, taken by the hand. We have a specific protocol for this clientele. Adapted cosmetics, moisturizing and soothing skincare, a caring touch, a moment of relaxation. Oncology aesthetic is still very little known in Quebec. Yet it is a service that can be found in many countries. We are the only ones in the Outaouais to offer this service and we intend to have as many cancer fighting people as possible benefit from it.


Do you have any projects coming up?


Yes, we always beautiful projects in mind, but of course, I can not reveal anything for now. Let's say we will have a nice announcement to make by Christmas.


What are your most popular packages?


We do not really have packages but rather treatments that are very popular. Currently we are doing a lot of photorejuvenations. In the fall, people want to get rid of their pigment spots, their uneven skin tone and want to take care of their dilated pores. Photorejuvenation sessions with pulsed light are in great demand. The results are fast and the investment rather interesting. It is something to discover!


Look at their treatment menu!


Karine Bonicalzi Medical Aesthetic Centre

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In Gatineau:

343 Boul. Gréber local 103
Gatineau, J8T 5R3


In Maniwaki:
61 principale Nord
Maniwaki, J9E 2B5


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