: easy as 1, 2, 3! is the brand new online directory for personal care professionals. Hairdressing, aesthetics, massage therapy, barbering, eyelash application are just a few of the many services listed on Bizzbook.


Created in Quebec, for businesses and self-employed workers from here, the platform allows clients to make their appointments quickly; and businesses to stop tearing their hair out from the stress of managing their schedules. No more double booking and paper agendas.


Super simple:

1 - Register your company and configure your account,
2 - Share the Bizzbook link with your customers and on your social media,
3 - Let clients book their own appointments!


When a client makes an appointment through the platform, a confirmation email will be sent to the company as well as to the client and a reminder of the appointment will prevent oversights.


How does it work for businesses?


By being part of the Bizzbook community, entrepreneurs, once their profile has been created, appear in the directory. They are invited to indicate their availability for the services they offer and benefit from a visibility to meet new clients.

(Already have a booking system? You don't have to use ours to register. Take advantage of the visibility!)

As for the advertising, we take care of it! Bizzbook implements an ambassador program in collaboration with several influencers to generate visibility.
Bizzbook is about propelling personal care businesses and staying available to help them with their efforts.


How does it work for customers?


Service is easy and free for customers. They can create an account at any time and book an appointment immediately. They just have to choose the city and the desired care in the Bizzbook search engine and voila. A confirmation email will be sent to them after they are booked, that easy!


Why is Bizzbook unique?


What makes Bizzbook unique is the "Last minute" section. Businesses and customers benefit from it.

For the former, this is a great way to make up for spontaneous cancellations. While these can be a break from a busy week, they are more often an unanticipated loss of income. The "Last minute" section can help them avoid this problem.

For the latter, this section offers the possibility of making an appointment quickly, near them in a few clicks.

Whether it's between busy meetings, out of class, or an impromptu date, clients can easily find an appointment and take care of themselves.


How did Bizzbook take form?


After the first lockdown, when personal care businesses were able to reopen, our founder, Stéphanie Charron, noticed that many were having difficulty handling the high volume of appointments. In February 2021, she launched with a desire to support entrepreneurs in their relaunch. To build a community that supports and helps each other.

Since then, Stéphanie has hosted more than 200 companies from across Quebec.


To learn more about Bizzbook, visit our website or join the community on our social networks

IG @
FB @bizzbookca



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