Do you think that taking care of yourself is a selfish gesture?

Written by Mélanie Doiron


Does it ever happen to you, in the tumult of your busy lives, to feel guilty for taking time for yourself? Thinking of everything you have to do, the business that needs your attention, the friends that you do not see often enough, the mountain of laundry that is accumulating in a corner of your basement?

As part of our personal care professions, we take care of others ... we advise them on the many ways to deal with stress, on the stretches they should do, the amount of water they should drink, we give them tips and tricks to look younger ... And what about us? Are we forgetting about taking care of our own self?


I have the deep conviction that in our professions, taking care of ourselves is the foundation. It is a necessity. I know that personally, I have a lot more to give when my self-love tank is full. And for it to be full, I need to feel calm... stress has no place in my body when my job is to help others relax.


What are your personal tips to take care of yourself and keep your stress levels down? For my part, I practice yoga as often as possible, I swapped coffee for matcha tea and I practice gratitude daily.