October 1st - Rendez-vous Actif Défi Santé / Cardio Plein Air, organised by Cardio Plein Air, in over 50 parcs throughout the province of Québec


October 7th - Devenir Accompagnant / Devenir Proche Aidant, organised by Ma Pleine Conscience, in Montréal


October 21st - Atelier - Vins, élixirs et chocolat (Wine, elixirs and chocolate workshop), organised by Joanesens inc., in Mascouche


October 28th - 2 Kundalini Yoga Classes, organised by Centre EauVie, in Sainte-Béatrix


October 29th - Stop aux relations toxiques! (Put a stop to toxic relations), organised by France Marcil, in Montréal



November 6th and 7th - Introduction à l’aromathérapie (aromatherapy introduction), organised by Diffusion Janati, in Montréal


November 11th - Cours d’automassage avec les balles thérapeutiques (Self-massage with therapeutic balls), organised by Zeste Détente, in Laval


November 20th and 21st - AQTN will be at the Palais des Congrès for the annual congress of the Ordre des Infirmiers et Infirmières du Québec (OIIQ) where they will be revealing a brand new publication on massage therapy, in Montreal